The Car

When you learn to drive with ‘Advantage’, you will be driving the new Ford Fiesta. Our modern, air-conditioned vehicles offer the latest in comfort. They are all fitted with dual controls for your safety and peace of mind. The driver’s seat can be easily adjusted to suit a range of heights (4’6” to 6’6”). The car incorporates the latest technology including extra-light power steering, reverse camera, audio park assist and automatic windscreen wipers etc.

Everything is set up for you to pass the driving test. A worthwhile utility, which is unique to Advantage, is our special reversing mirror. (see photos). This greatly simplifies the parking manoeuvres and has proved very useful on the driving test.

All of our cars have a manual transmission (gearbox).  If you own an automatic vehicle, in which you have gained driving experience, lessons can be arranged with that car.