The minimum age for driving a motor vehicle in the UK is 17. All car drivers must be able to read a car number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of at least 20 metres.

Before you can learn to drive on the public road, you must have applied for and received a provisional licence. However, you can receive off-road driving tuition, while you are waiting for your documents to arrive.

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If you intend to start driving on your 17th birthday, it would be advisable to apply for your licence several weeks in advance. The same applies to booking your first driving lesson. The application form for a provisional licence can be obtained from your local post office. For further information, use our link below to the ‘Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency‘.

Drivers from outside the EU can find out if they are required to take the British driving test, by reading the information on the DVLA web site.

The best way to start learning to drive is with an approved driving instructor (ADI), who will have been tested and registered by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). This ensures that all aspects of road safety are addressed and that the correct techniques and procedures are learned during the early stages. Correcting bad habits later is counter-productive.

A qualified instructor will display a green ADI badge in the left side of the windscreen, showing their photo, name and confirming their entry on the ADI register. Trainee instructors will display a pink badge.

There are no trainee instructors at ‘Advantage’.

According to the DSA web site, 90% of first time passes received professional instruction throughout the learning process. The DSA administers both the theory and practical driving tests.

You do not have to take the theory test before having driving lessons.

It would be advisable to have some driving tuition prior to taking your theory test. The theory certificate will only be valid for 2 years, if it were to expire, you would have to retake the test.

Whichever test you are about to attend, do make sure that you take along both parts of your driving licence – that is, your photo card licence and the green paper counterpart. If you were to forget one of them, or pick up the wrong item by mistake, you will be turned away and will lose your fee.

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